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I arrived on campus for my summer job only to find that housing doesn't open until 5:00 tomorrow. LAMESAUCE. At least I have a mattress to crash on. :/

Sam and I caught up on The Unicorn and a Wasp this weekend when we both happened to be in NYC! I started off hopeful, because this episode actually looked interesting. Ha. HA.

The episode was rather fun-- and quite funny*-- up until it suddenly realized it actually had to have a plot. I pinpoint the moment where the Doctor realizes he's been poisoned as the moment things really went to hell, because that was the moment I covered my eyes and groaned. I didn't see much more of it; I was too busy trying to sink into the couch. This could have adversely affected my perception of how much sense the rest of the plot made, but I'm too afraid to find out.

My general impression was of incoherence, and the whole concept of the alien was just a bad idea. Even if the producers for some reason think we're willing to suspend belief to that extent (please, writers: this is science fiction. At least try!), they probably should have balked at the effects it would require. Because the effects were frankly awful by current standards, and even if I'd been wrapped up in the story I think I would have spared a snicker for the stinger.

I was going to write a big, annoyed paragraph about how Catherine Tate is out-acting David Tennant, but that phrase is pretty much what it boils down to. Screeching, flailing, and gurning have their time and place, but he's now completely indistinguishable from the Extras parody 100% of the time. This is kind of a problem for me.

I haven't yet seen the library one, and it might be a couple of days until I do so. Also, I'm up to 2x07 of Life on Mars, but since I can't can't can't watch the finale alone, I'm waiting for Sam to catch up. Eep!


* DONNA IS LOVE. Tangentially, this episode had a lot of very attractive women, and I say this as a straight girl. Maybe I just have a thing for the '20s?