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Midnight (or really, you know, 4 am)

I do have an excuse for being up now. Really. You see, we were going to go on a sunrise hike, and sunrise is like 5:00 in the morning this far north, so we needed to meet at 3, and we cancelled due to weather, and so I came back and I just thought I'd check on the progress....

Yeah. Excuse. Really.

Let me get the bad stuff out of the way first.

Issues: Race, gender, sexuality, the whole shebang. You know, just so we don't forget it's actually RTD writing this. I wish he had a PC editor or something. :P

On the whole, though, I think this is the best episode that RTD has ever written. I don't think it passes Silence as the best of the season (that being scarier), but it comes damn near close.

The acting was excellent. Just excellent. Of course, the repetition was done so well.

I loved the psych-study quality to the way people reacted. Stroke of brilliance (and I hope that's not the last time I'll ever say it about Davies). I also liked, though it was a bit subtle, that some of it was the Doctor's fault, too. If he hadn't insisted on leaving Sky alive, the flight attendant wouldn't have had to die, although it was in tune with the theme of the rest of it. I loved how he got on the bad side of everyone present-- I think it's an effect he has often, but usually he has a larger space to work in and/or bounce off the walls of. Finally, I loved that you can see him panicking, especially when the alien focuses on him and he starts shouting. Realizing that the Doctor is freaking out is the scariest thing about the whole story.

When they were standing at the back of the plane and arguing, I got frustrated that they didn't just sit down and shut up so they wouldn't "feed" it any more. I finally realized that oh, it's TV, they can't shut up because it doesn't really work as a script. Also, I only just realized that I have no idea how it's possible that something disembodied ripped off the front of the plane. And then... it decided that what it really wanted was inside? I don't know. Maybe it was some kind of psychic beast, which would mean that their deaths probably didn't kill it.... OOH! I love that we don't know. I guess this was RTD's thing about "redefining alien planets." Well, I was skeptical, but bravo.

Little bit overdone when he asks about her name, but after 40 minutes of top-notch psychodrama, I'm willing to overlook it. His blank stare at the mother really said it all. And then we go back to Donna, and the Doctor being sad at the end, which is new and... well, sad.

Yeah. So, GOOD. I wish the rest of the season had been a little less ridiculous and a little more like these last three. Here's hoping for the finale? (I'm going to try my damndest to remain unspoiled, even if it means I have to drop off the internet in order to do so!)

Oh, hahaha, by the way, the other issue I had with this episode was the geology. It was very... creative (although I guess sci-fi being creative about geology is new!), and I'd like to go back through and see if it's possible to make any sense of it. As it turns out, I'm a geo major (among other things) and I just finished taking a mineralogy class. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell was up with those spires. Were they supposed to be diamond? Because, um, diamond crystal habit? Is not like that. ...Corundum or beryl, maybe? Even special, magical space-tourmaline?


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