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Jesus Christ Superstar

Just came back from Jesus Christ Superstar. It was... kind of interesting? The production was okay. Most of the singers were kind of middling-- Caiaphas was way out of his depth, both literally and figuratively, although he tried hard to hit his notes. Judas was fine if unremarkable most of the way through, which is perhaps not so good considering he's supposed to be one of the leads. The only moment where he really dipped into bad was when he tried to do his one falsetto part, which was a complete failure. Easily the best, both singing and dancing, was Simon, which was unfortunately a smaller part. Actually, all of the dancing was quite good. They had that going, at least.

I don't think I can entirely blame the production, though, for what I suspect is actually just the script. All the individual scenes and songs are pretty good and have more or less interesting and solid ideas, but I didn't understand how it came together. There seems to be no focus or point to the whole show other than "we thought we should write a rock opera about Jesus." Jesus being a "superstar" somehow doesn't succeed in making a commentary either on Jesus or on stardom, possibly because they're unwilling to push the analogy far enough.

It's possible that they did represent him as relatively human in contrast to how he's usually portrayed, in which case the problem might have been with me-- I decided early on in the play that the only way I was going to be able to engage with it was to think of Jesus as the leader of a hippie movement of a sort. Being Jewish, I don't have any illusions about Jesus to strip away.