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Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes

Sam and I finally finished Life on Mars this weekend. I nearly cried-- people clapped? I don't understand that. Anyway, I had to wonder about his mother, Maya, the people in the meeting he'd just left. Just because he felt isolated from them doesn't mean they didn't care, weren't heartbroken and second-guessing everything they'd said to him.

We spent a long time discussing what we thought had happened. Sam proved she is way more of an English major than I am. Interestingly, as soon as the episode opened she jumped instantly to "Sam is the tumor," since he was both out of place temporally and (literally, as it turned out) a mole or "tumor" within the department. She later elaborated that "Annie is his heart" (and if she dies, he'll have heart failure) and what Gene, Ray, and Chris were as well (which I'm afraid I can't remember!). I thought it was a nifty theory, but didn't understand what that implied for his situation. English major I am manifestly not.

Anyway, I love Life on Mars. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen, and solid from start to finish. Sam and I have vowed to look up more of John Simm's work next year-- he's just such an excellent actor!

I got the first episode of Ashes to Ashes, which is supposed to be the sequel, today. It's awful.

To summarize my notes:

wtf is that supposed to be an actual police response to a hostage situation??? Not that I know anything about it, but that didn't look right even to me. For one tiny one, the fucking crowds being so close?

that kid is stupider than anyone living has any right to be. Also, Alex's reaction to getting her back alive didn't go as I thought it should. Hugging, yes. But probably so hard it hurts. And then screaming at/grounding the living hell out of that girl.

is it some kind of thing that girls faint more? Because no one has a right to faint that much in one episode. How many times did Sam faint? And then it was usually because of something like being hit in the head or shot full of drugs, yes?

alex/gene is my new Least Favorite Ship Ever. It's like Jack/Gwen, only it's even more over-the-top and in-your-face and it makes me want to claw my eyes out even more.

surrealism Life on Mars succeeded with its surrealism because they spent at least a few episodes establishing how real everything was (as far as I can remember!). They never did it for no reason. In one fucking episode (the first!) we already have, with me barely paying attention, several individual dreams, a dream-within-a-dream, and the muppet-police. No. Does not work. Even in a sequel, you have to do world-building. Taking everything whole-cloth from a successful show is not the way to success.

theme LoM was awesome because of how diverse and subtle the themes were. I can already tell that the entire thing is going to be about Teh Man of Her Dreams vs. Her Daughter. Jaysus.

psychologists I'm not sure what to think about the fact that both Annie and Alex are psychologists. Is it a "girly profession" then? :P

sense I think even Chris is smart enough not to do what he had just done about two minutes before I quite watching in disgust. FAILCAKES.

Also, '70s music is way better than '80s music. Pfft.

I didn't finish the episode and I have no plans to watch any of the rest. :P I think I need to start rewatching Life on Mars again now.