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Journey's End

(who_daily: lj user="errabundus"> finds it A HREF="http://errabundus.livejournal.com/5528.html">not a trainwreck /A>.)

...You know, I'll give him credit. If nothing else, it was Not A Trainwreck.

I saw two speeding trains on the same track. It was going to be bad. It was going to be so astronomically bad that it would make Last of the Time Lords a quiet, happy memory of the good times. There was going to be screeching and flying shrapnel and death, and the trains would never be able to move again. At the last possible moment, however, imperceptibly, they were thrown onto different tracks, still so close that even though bits went flying into the air and damage was sustained, I'm not sure what it was and probably won't be without a detailed rewatch at some point.

Not in love with the not!regeneration. Although I realized last week that I actually did like Tennant and was going to be sorry to see him go, I was ready to see him go. I liked that completely unexpected end to Ten. I knew it was going to be a cop out, because RTD has shown again and again and again that he doesn't believe it's a cliffhanger if it can't be resolved in ten seconds the next episode, but eh. It was nice while it lasted?

I cried for Donna, and I'm still a little sick to my stomach. I'd almost be happier if she had died-- it would have given her some resolution, and on the whole I am very bothered by mind rape. I'm not going to be angry with RTD for doing it, though. He wrote it to raise issues-- to ask difficult questions. Being 'nice' to a character isn't how you write interesting or compelling stories. (Viz. Life on Mars' Sam Tyler; or my completely dry-eyed farewell to Rose of the Insta-Happy Ending. Just add snogging!) Still, I'm going to miss Doctordonna, for all her brief, brilliant existence. I'd like to think that somewhere, somehow, she's teamed up with Iris Wildthyme and gone in search of her stutterer and a good stiff drink.

Oh also? In that universe she got to shag Jack and then leave him sobbing like a little boy at her departure. Perhaps multiple times. Donna/Jack == delicious.

Not to downplay Donna, which is the last of my intentions, but I think Ten's cry of "let her go!" referred to a girl who was blue rather than ginger. I really think there could have been more Doctor/TARDIS shippiness in this episode. He thought she was GONE. He should have been DISTRAUGHT. Because, whatever his bipedal love-of-the-week may be, the Doctor without the TARDIS really doesn't bear thinking about.

Full!TARDIS was one of the few moments of real squee in this episode. Awwwww, so sappy.

That comment about Rose is, for once, somewhat harsher than I actually feel. I was initially revolted by the idea of her "getting" a copy of the Doctor, but was surprised to find that, when the time came, it was less of a trainwreck than it could have been. Subtracting the (awkward, awkward) kiss and adding a little ambiguity of "The Way of Things"' kind, in which it is acknowledged that a copy is not the same as an original, would have gone a long way. But! It could have been worse. Much, much worse. At least they got brown!Doctor right. And I hope against hope it's going to, if not tone down, at least draw some fresher lines of battle in the Shipwar of Ridiculous Scale that has gripped the show for far too long.

Blue!Ten might have been a little more effective with more than the bare hint of separate character development he got. For instance, I might actually believe that he got left behind to get fixed instead of to gratify the fans. There really wasn't any time for more important things, however, much less development of an entirely new character. My first thought when he was created was "oh no, who gets the TARDIS?" Which is why I was pretty sure RTD was going to pull a fast one with the Donna's death thing and he was going to kick it. Especially when he kept getting hit by crackly death rays. Ah well.

I liked new Davros a lot. Well, you know, up until he turned from internal politics!subtlety into "DESTROY THE UNIVERSE FOR NO REASON MUAHAHAHA!", but until then he was actually acted well and managed to be, if not terribly menacing, at least not as annoying as the rest of the Daleks are. And he's so not dead it's not funny. If none of that other stuff has ever killed him, a burning spaceship certainly won't! Whether Moffat ends up taking advantage of the fact, however, is another matter.

Altogether, I think I end up coming off rather more snarky and dissatisfied than I actually am. It wasn't a favorite episode, but there were some things I liked and it resolved things I'd given up hope would ever be resolved. I'm not really displeased. I'm excited for season 5 (such as it is), excited for Moffat's turn, and excited for Eleven, whenever he or she decides to grace us with his'er presence!


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LOL. I've been kind of low-key about it. ...and not posted very much in half of forever.

(why am I up at 4:47am? Travel. Ew.)
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