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TORCHWOOD: Yes, it is (still) actually that bad. (In the funnest, "we have Torchwood nights every single Wednesday!" way possible, of course!)

Notes for Episodes 1-6:
mild spoilers-- and gwen-dislike, if that bothers youCollapse )

So overall, Torchwood is still a crappy show but its potential is great when you have a posse to mock it/squee with. This season is somewhat more watchable than last season-- I think they're getting the hang of the proper level of giggly sex jokes and I don't think we'll be seeing another Purple Sex Mist. Woot.

Random Thought of the Day:

I'm not sure why I ever read Engadget. The articles are never terribly interesting and the comments consistently make me lose faith in humanity. Many times over. And not in a simple 'YouTube comment' kind of way. In a "why do you have to be so negative about every single subject" kind of way, and a "why do you have to insult the author of a two-paragraph linkpost" kind of way, and a "why do you have to waste time taking the shit out of this idiot" kind of way, and a "why does anyone even read this stuff?" kind of way.

So this is the end, baby. Goodbye, and thanks for not terribly much.


Life On Mars owns my soul.




A few scattered & mildly incoherent VERY SPOILERY notesCollapse )

Also the BBC is sort of incestuous in terms of writers and actors, because I swear Chris Chibnall has written some episodes of Doctor Who. I need to find out which ones. I think he's one of two writers with similar names who I get mixed up, one of whom writes awful tripe and the other of whom writes The Good Shit. He must be the one with The Good Shit, or my mind is going to be even more blown. (In fact, didn't he write Human Nature/Family of Blood? They had a bit of the same realistic, gritty feel, and the same masterful moral dilemmas.)

ETA: Okay, what? Apparently Chibnall was the one who wrote 42 (which I thought was the lousiest thing ever written until I saw Last of the Time Lords, but I disgress) and was not the writer of HN/FoB, who is Cornell (the one I get Chibnall mixed up with... what? They both start with the same letter!). He also wrote all the lousiest and campiest Torchwood episodes, which include such gems as Countrycide, Cyberwoman (complete with random pterodactyl of death!), and Day One, of the infamous Purple Sex Mist.

I'm not entirely sure what to conclude from this, except perhaps that the man should never be let within a hundred yards of an alien again and needs to keep churning out The Good Shit. Because clearly he can.

Boom, baby.

People are being calm and cautiously optimistic about the WANKTASTIC SPOILER ALERT OF DOOMCollapse )

Time Crash Squee!

Unexpected Martha! For some reason, I loved the camera doing a full roll. That's classic, right there.

I find it both amusing and adorkable that Ten can even annoy his other incarnations.

I'm going to put "desktop theme" down to a bad translation by the TARDIS. She's too amused distracted to pay a great deal of attention to her metaphors.

The "well, of course I have fans" speech from Five is adorably Doctor-- although it's almost more Four-like than either of them. I haven't seen a great deal of Fifth, but it seemed a little out of character for him to be so blatantly self-admiring (as some of his other incarnations have been... for great win, I assure you).

"Does he still have that rubbish beard?"
"No, no beard this time. ...well, a wife."

BEST. EVER. I honestly couldn't believe that line got through-- I'm used to my country, which is such a raving prude that it cut the Jack's "You too?" line from LotTL. But that's neither here nor there. The important fact is WE SO CALLED THAT CANON OHEMGEE.

On second watch, I noticed Ten doesn't mention that the Master seems to be perma-dead this time. Either to avoid upsetting timelines too much, or because he's seen it all before...?

I actually started being a little scared of the fannishness after Five disappears for the first time. Especially with the "geeky specs" bit, it's hard to tell if that's Tennant or Ten. o.O But seeing as it's a ten-minute skit, I find it hard to care a great deal. So what! It was awesome!


Of course, being a dumb fangirl, this eight-minute meeting dumped a load of plotbunnies on my head.

I kind of want to see fanfic where Martha forgets her wallet, does a facepalm, and comes back to grab it. And then they done sex. Bonus points if Martha leaves to travel with Five. For great justice!

I also have a vague idea about "The Two TARDISes," but it hasn't yet crystallized into anything.

House. Oh, dear lordy.

As per discussion with meletor_et_al, I'm doubtful House is going to survive past this season. While I know tons of people who will watch week after week just for their dose of snarky!psycho!Laurie (I don't exclude myself from this group), it really doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Unless there is dramatic change (which I am pretty skeptical of, though Mel seems to be holding out hope), House is pretty much a one-trick pony.

And while that's pretty disappointing, I guess that's life. :/ Nothing lasts forever.*

Just for the record, me re: House: I don't know if I actually like him and/or the show (most of the time, I don't), but wherever my feelings are at the exact moment, they're almost always strong. Which seems to be enough to make me watch it if it's on.

* ObDWR: Except perhaps Doctor Who, which has gone from "long running" to "outrageously cult" and which by nature doesn't suffer quite as much from actor fatigue. I'm first to admit that it frequently ventures into the realm of Stupid; it just has a following (and thus, a network) hardened to such stupidity.

Children in Need

This post has really no point or original ideas, only fangirling. Not exactly the height of my blogging capacity....

SPOILERS, of course.


Quite frankly, I can't imagine what they're planning to do with him. It sounds like the kind of idea that can only result in unadulterated silly, which could either be good or bad. Question: how long is it going to be? Five minutes or a full-length episode? I think how they use the time might be the make-or-break.

Tennant is a fanboy. I can't imagine how Tenth is going to react, though. There will probably be giddy (because it's Tennant), but I have a hard time not seeing some angst there, too. In which case... as someone else said, Fifth should bitchslap him or something.

And of course, I was immaturely amused by how much he has... expanded. Hahaha, Time Lord midlife crisis. Oh, I'm going to hell.

In Summary,

I have avoided thinking much about Doctor Who ever since the travesty of the season finale (my first in fandom; even more disappointing). I begin to understand why people refuse to acknowledge the TVM-- only I think this was honestly worse. The TVM was sort of good-naturedly B. This was viciously, canon-destroyingly D-minus.

Anyway. It would be hard to discuss in detail, since I've tried very hard over the last few weeks to forget I ever saw it. As far as my personal canon is concerned, the Master is still very much alive. Oh, and while I'm being delusional, Lucy is Romana. Yes. Delicious.

If I get a chance, I'm going to try to go back through and watch some older stuff, esp. Key to Time. Yay geekery!

Deathly Hallows was good. Not the greatest book ever written or something like that, but thoroughly enjoyable. If it weren't already obvious, what follows is a steaming pile of spoilers.Collapse )

That's all I can think of for the moment. Oh, other than I should mention that I have somehow become a raging Doctor/Master shipper. I'm still trying to think of a good way to get him and Nine together without a huge overuse of retcon. (whee!)

Obligatory Utopia Reaction Post

Reaction to the Doctor Who episode Utopia. If you haven't seen it, don't click the cut. Seriously. It's a bad idea. You really don't want to be spoiled on this one.

I was terribly confused by the gung-ho reactions to Utopia. Everyone had such high expectations that I didn’t think anything could have lived up to it; and much less this very flawed episode. Yet it seems to be garnering even more positive reactions than Blink and Human Nature/Family of Blood, which actually had things like “plot” and “world building” and “making sense” that we all claim to care about so much.

SpoilersCollapse )

...All in all, damn, a lot happened there.