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Journey's End

(who_daily: lj user="errabundus"> finds it A HREF="http://errabundus.livejournal.com/5528.html">not a trainwreck /A>.)

...You know, I'll give him credit. If nothing else, it was Not A Trainwreck.

I saw two speeding trains on the same track. It was going to be bad. It was going to be so astronomically bad that it would make Last of the Time Lords a quiet, happy memory of the good times. There was going to be screeching and flying shrapnel and death, and the trains would never be able to move again. At the last possible moment, however, imperceptibly, they were thrown onto different tracks, still so close that even though bits went flying into the air and damage was sustained, I'm not sure what it was and probably won't be without a detailed rewatch at some point.

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Altogether, I think I end up coming off rather more snarky and dissatisfied than I actually am. It wasn't a favorite episode, but there were some things I liked and it resolved things I'd given up hope would ever be resolved. I'm not really displeased. I'm excited for season 5 (such as it is), excited for Moffat's turn, and excited for Eleven, whenever he or she decides to grace us with his'er presence!
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BANG! or, Doctor Who 4x12: The Stolen Earth

This was an episode of squee, "GOAL" arms, and hyperactive jigging for me. Since we're entering a period in which I suspect there will be a run on all-caps and exclamation parts, I will do my part to ration these endangered grammatical entities and simply list a few a lot of things that made me happy. (Why don't I have any icons on this account that are excited enough? This clearly needs to be rectified.)

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I am so glad I wasn't spoiled. On the other hand, I cannot believe I wasn't spoiled. In any case, I am one happy Doctor Who fan right now.
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Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes

Sam and I finally finished Life on Mars this weekend. I nearly cried-- people clapped? I don't understand that. Collapse )

Anyway, I love Life on Mars. It's one of the best shows I've ever seen, and solid from start to finish. Sam and I have vowed to look up more of John Simm's work next year-- he's just such an excellent actor!

I got the first episode of Ashes to Ashes, which is supposed to be the sequel, today. It's awful.

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Also, '70s music is way better than '80s music. Pfft.

I didn't finish the episode and I have no plans to watch any of the rest. :P I think I need to start rewatching Life on Mars again now.
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Jesus Christ Superstar

Just came back from Jesus Christ Superstar. It was... kind of interesting? The production was okay. Most of the singers were kind of middling-- Caiaphas was way out of his depth, both literally and figuratively, although he tried hard to hit his notes. Judas was fine if unremarkable most of the way through, which is perhaps not so good considering he's supposed to be one of the leads. The only moment where he really dipped into bad was when he tried to do his one falsetto part, which was a complete failure. Easily the best, both singing and dancing, was Simon, which was unfortunately a smaller part. Actually, all of the dancing was quite good. They had that going, at least.

I don't think I can entirely blame the production, though, for what I suspect is actually just the script. All the individual scenes and songs are pretty good and have more or less interesting and solid ideas, but I didn't understand how it came together. There seems to be no focus or point to the whole show other than "we thought we should write a rock opera about Jesus." Jesus being a "superstar" somehow doesn't succeed in making a commentary either on Jesus or on stardom, possibly because they're unwilling to push the analogy far enough.

It's possible that they did represent him as relatively human in contrast to how he's usually portrayed, in which case the problem might have been with me-- I decided early on in the play that the only way I was going to be able to engage with it was to think of Jesus as the leader of a hippie movement of a sort. Being Jewish, I don't have any illusions about Jesus to strip away.
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Midnight (or really, you know, 4 am)

I do have an excuse for being up now. Really. You see, we were going to go on a sunrise hike, and sunrise is like 5:00 in the morning this far north, so we needed to meet at 3, and we cancelled due to weather, and so I came back and I just thought I'd check on the progress....

Yeah. Excuse. Really.

Let me get the bad stuff out of the way first.

Issues: Race, gender, sexuality, the whole shebang. You know, just so we don't forget it's actually RTD writing this. I wish he had a PC editor or something. :P

On the whole, though, I think this is the best episode that RTD has ever written. I don't think it passes Silence as the best of the season (that being scarier), but it comes damn near close.

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Yeah. So, GOOD. I wish the rest of the season had been a little less ridiculous and a little more like these last three. Here's hoping for the finale? (I'm going to try my damndest to remain unspoiled, even if it means I have to drop off the internet in order to do so!)

Oh, hahaha, by the way, the other issue I had with this episode was the geology. It was very... creative (although I guess sci-fi being creative about geology is new!), and I'd like to go back through and see if it's possible to make any sense of it. As it turns out, I'm a geo major (among other things) and I just finished taking a mineralogy class. I'm still trying to figure out what the hell was up with those spires. Were they supposed to be diamond? Because, um, diamond crystal habit? Is not like that. ...Corundum or beryl, maybe? Even special, magical space-tourmaline?
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My thoughts on Doctor Who, let me show you them.

I arrived on campus for my summer job only to find that housing doesn't open until 5:00 tomorrow. LAMESAUCE. At least I have a mattress to crash on. :/

Sam and I caught up on The Unicorn and a Wasp this weekend when we both happened to be in NYC! I started off hopeful, because this episode actually looked interesting. Ha. HA.

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I was going to write a big, annoyed paragraph about how Catherine Tate is out-acting David Tennant, but that phrase is pretty much what it boils down to. Screeching, flailing, and gurning have their time and place, but he's now completely indistinguishable from the Extras parody 100% of the time. This is kind of a problem for me.

I haven't yet seen the library one, and it might be a couple of days until I do so. Also, I'm up to 2x07 of Life on Mars, but since I can't can't can't watch the finale alone, I'm waiting for Sam to catch up. Eep!


* DONNA IS LOVE. Tangentially, this episode had a lot of very attractive women, and I say this as a straight girl. Maybe I just have a thing for the '20s?
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Doctor Who Season 4: A Short, (Nearly) Spoiler-Free Review

Frankly, it's ricoculous, and I don't use that word lightly. The science and/or logic is ridiculous, the plot-holes gaping. In other words, classic Doctor Who. I would like them to make a bit more of an effort-- this is just sloppy. On the other hand, if I wasn't up to this kind of stuff, I wouldn't be a fan of the show. We have gotten a couple of interesting and likable character moments (Collapse )), but by and large they're driven by-- and thus obscured under-- seething piles of bullshit.

Essentially, my reaction to the season so far has been apathy. I watch the episodes, I hold my breath, I laugh my head off, but I'm just not inspired with fannish love when it gets to the end. I stop thinking about it about ninety seconds later.

This is a somewhat understandable rut-- the writing team is running out of sheer "OMG it's Doctor Who!" momentum, and it might well take them the entire season to recover a sense of purpose. However, I'm personally of the opinion that they will especially once they get rid of ***, and if that's the price then I'm willing to take this season at face value.

On the other hand, the next episode is the first one I'm seriously excited for. (Also, notably, the first one which had a trailer that didn't leave me and my watching team going "WHAT. You have got to be shitting me!") It looks an order of magnitude less ridiculous than the last few, although I guess I could always be surprised.
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Fanmix! "Note to Self: Don't Die"

My first ever! I feel like I've been working on this forever. I've gotten so much enjoyment from the mixes I've downloaded, I hope I can return the favor.

Medium: Television
Fandom: Doctor Who
Subject: Master/Romana, during the Time War
Title: Note to Self: Don't Die
Warnings: Mild spoilers for the end of Season 3, I suppose. Some songs have references to sex.
Notes: They were fighting a war. The young president needed something to distract herself from the nightmares. The renegade did what he did best; take advantage... or at least that's what he told himself. Stranger things have happened.

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