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This was an episode of squee, "GOAL" arms, and hyperactive jigging for me. Since we're entering a period in which I suspect there will be a run on all-caps and exclamation parts, I will do my part to ration these endangered grammatical entities and simply list a few a lot of things that made me happy. (Why don't I have any icons on this account that are excited enough? This clearly needs to be rectified.)

At the beginning, I was actually thinking "a fuckload of daleks, a fuckload of daleks." I was pleasantly surprised-- the planets thing was much cooler. I love the idea of carefully setting up a gravitational field to generate power-- you can't exactly "run out" of gravity, since it's a matter of the shape of spacetime, and while I'm not really good enough with physics to work out a real system, it seems like there should be a number of ways to design a generator that creates power from such a field.

Dawkins. Just <3. :}

Martha is in ur UNIT, bein' kickarse. Also sexy.

I love the dynamic when the Doctor is among galactic equals-- or at least, people who are more his equals in both knowledge and intellect than humans are. (Why hello there, crazy little Time Lordy man.) Sometimes I just get tired of him being so (relatively) omnipotent, you know? He's more interesting when he isn't necessarily the biggest kid on the playground.... This is probably related to the fact that I squee whenever Romana puts him in his place, and that I almost wouldn't mind if they brought Gallifrey back.

What does RTD have against Japan? Seriously? It's advanced, like us, but remote enough that it's also alien and nobody cares as much as if it were Scotland or Canada? (Or Africa, why don't the aliens ever land in Africa?...)

I've heard that phrase, the Three(?)fold Man, somewhere before. Hm. Crap. (Don't tell me; it's probably in one of the Eight books/audios/thingies I haven't read/listened to/absorbed yet.)

Martha-Rose dynamic. Of course they had to do it, but at least it was a bit creative and rather entertaining.

It seems that, all of a sudden, I ship Donna/Jack rather fervently.

I don't know why, but I love Harriet Jones. Even when they tried to make her evil, I kept trying to come up with excuses for her. There is no philosophical justification for me liking Harriet Jones; I just do. I'm so glad they redeemed her (even if there were probably things I could still disagree with if it was anyone else saying them).

I wasn't totally sure if the Doctor had the ability to regenerate after a Dalek beam gun. I've always been of the opinion that a Time Lord can't regenerate from just any wound, and I thought Dalek guns were one of them-- perhaps because Nine thought he was going to die (permanently? I assumed so) on Satellite 5. Maybe he just wasn't planning to regenerate if he did.

I am so glad I wasn't spoiled. On the other hand, I cannot believe I wasn't spoiled. In any case, I am one happy Doctor Who fan right now.